Industrial Phones in Weatherproof, Outdoor Enclosures.

Here are a few random pictures of couple of the industrial phones ConvoTek has worked with.
Please contact us with your specific application for more detailed information. Thanks.
very strong weather proof phone enclosure is weather-proof.

KNSP-01 series from KNTECH  – Front View

This weatherproof (IP66), die-cast aluminum enclosure protects the phone from damage that may be caused by vandalism, rough use, weather, and/or corrosive environments.   This phone is available in ANALOG/POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) or VoIP.


Some features that stood out:

– Very robust aluminum die-case case should withstand a ton of abuse.

– Spring loaded door with rubber gasket helps keep water, dust and other contaminants away from the phone.

– High visibility yellow paint with universally recognizable phone symbol makes this phone easy to find in an emergency situation.

Weatherproof silicone keypad is weatherproof and very robust.

Keypad View

– Heavy duty handset is connected to the phone via a metal armored/sheathed  cord.  Optionally, a rubber coiled cord is available for those that want an extendable length for added versatility.

– Keypad with large, easy to use buttons are protected by a thick silicone membrane.

– Keypad, handset and ringer are all waterproof (IP66).

– Hook-switch is a magnetic reed switch for added reliability and waterproofing.

– Phone will store up to 10 (user programmed) speed dial numbers in (non-volatile) memory.

Metal phone case with wall-mount brackets,

Rear View

– Two wall-mount brackets, and mounting hardware are included with the phone.

– Tip and Ring (network) wires are also protected inside an armored cable sheath.

Wall mount brackets and concrete anchors.

Brackets and Hardware

– Brackets are shipped with 4 expanding concrete anchors, with bolts, split & flat washers included.

Door cam on aluminum weatherproof phone enclosure.

Door Cam/Spring,

– Self closing door spring helps keep the door’s rubber seal in contact with the enclosure.

– Phones can be ordered with a spring close only door, or they can be order with a door latch (not shown).

– For user convenience, a cam/spring combo is provided to allow the user to easily keep the door in an open position during a call.

Heavy duty metal phone case is weather-proof.

Internal Sealing,

– A look inside shows the quality of the case.

– A rubber gasket below the phone’s main plate keeps out moisture of the internals and away from the PCB.

– The network cable entrance point is potted/sealed in epoxy. This attention to detail, regarding case sealing, is consistent with the back side of the phone’s main plate (the handset cord, speaker and ringer, etc).  Note, the handset cord is further protected from abuse by a length of wire rope (A.K.A. aircraft cable) inside the armored cable sheath.

Weatherproof phone case with self closing hinge.

Door Gasket,

– Last photo shows the gasket in the door, as well as the door spring.

– The door snaps shut with enough force to properly engage the gasket.


Additional  information on this phone type is available on the manufacturer’s website, or by contacting ConvoTek.


Note, these are just some photos for a starting point, and to show the quality of the phone and phone case. If you have any specific questions, or wish to arrange for an evaluation unit, please contact ConvoTek.


Thanks for looking, and have a great day.